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It is important that you are safe on-line.

Fantom is a very safe game. Nobody can contact you on Fantom except to ask you to answer YES or No to a trade.

If we know you are under 13 we can protect you even more. For example we only show your username not your real name to make it more difficult to identify you.

Until we get your parents’ or guardians’ permission to give you full access to the game you can only trade with Fantom, not with other people. This will allow you full access to the game except you will be trading with us, not other people around the world. Once your parent or guardian has given their permission we will allow you to trade with other people but even then we only allow trades with other under 13s. This restriction is removed once you pass your 13th birthday.

Most Fantom games are entirely free. Some have paygates, where you can buy additional packs of stickers or bundles of coins. If you are U13 the only way you can do this is to ask your parent or guardian to use their credit card or Paypal account. As an under 13 you will never see an option to buy stickers or coins using mobile phone credit.

Terms of Service

Lightkeeper Media Limited
(trading as Fantom)

The general terms of service published by Lightkeeper Media Limited (LKM) applies to content provided by, and your use of, the Fantom Facebook app (the "App").

For full details see http://www.fantom.co.uk. This is the additional Lightkeeper Media terms of service for the App.

As a registered Facebook user, you are also subject to Facebook's terms of service.


This is an agreement between you and Fantom. By accepting the Terms of Use you are agreeing to everything here, and all other rules you may find on the App. You are also agreeing to the rules for buying products on the Fantom App, see "Terms of Sale".

If there is anything in these Terms of Use you are not comfortable with, you should not register on the App. It is a good idea to show these conditions to a parent or guardian and ask them to explain them to you, so that you know what you can and cannot do on Fantom.

When you register you have to accept these Terms of Use before activating your account. You then become a Fantom member and are bound by its rules.

Fantom can change these membership terms if it thinks it’s necessary or if it is required by law. If a change is a big one we will tell you in advance and if you are not happy you can close your account immediately. You can close your account at anytime by clicking here.

Fantom reserves the right to make changes to the App, adding new decks, new features and new games and amending the rules for purchasing or trading for digital collectibles, without giving prior notice to members. Your decks, cards and albums are part of a service provided to you by Fantom and your right to use them is in accordance with these terms and conditions.


We want your child to have fun playing Fantom and to experience new friends and rewards from collecting. To do that we need to be sure you are on board. Please contact us at parent@fantom.co.uk if you have not accepted this agreement and your child has become a member of Fantom.

If your child is Under 13 we ask them to obtain your consent to use Fantom, in accordance with the US COPPA rules. Until we have secured an appropriate level of verifiable parental consent your child will only have limited access to Fantom’s features.

We’ll only collect and store the minimum information on your child. If you would like to see what information Fantom has about your child, you can contact Fantom at parent@fantom.co.uk or send us a letter to:


13 Eustace Street

Dublin 2


For the security of our members Fantom retains the right to require parents to provide identification. We can only supply you information about your child and not about others, unless a legal obligation over-rides these Terms and Conditions.


Fantom will not sell or transfer your personal data to any third party. If we make you an offer from another company that company will not get access to your personal information. We will provide aggregate data to brand licensors whose brands or products are represented on the Fantom App. No individual information will be identifiable in that data.

If Fantom is ever sold to another company your personal data and your rights attached to them will transfer in the sale and part of the assets of Fantom.

If you access Fantom using your Facebook account, through Facebook Connect, you are giving Fantom permission to access information related to you so you can use Fantom and interact with your Connect service friends on Fantom.

The Fantom Privacy Policy applies to information collected by Fantom through your Connect Service login, however, your activities on the Connect Service provider’s site, such as Facebook, are covered by their privacy policy and other terms of use.

Fantom reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so come back and check it often. As with the Terms of Service if we make a big change to our Privacy Policy we will notify you. If you are not happy with any change you can stop using Fantom immediately, and not to do so is taken as agreement to comply with the new Privacy Policy.


We need to store some basic information about you in order to provide you with a service. You can at any time request the information we hold on you, by sending an email to myinfo@fantom.co.uk. You can refuse permission for us to hold personal data on you. Remember by doing so, you are cancelling your account with immediate effect as we will be unable to provide you with a service.


We need to know what parts of the App are popular and which parts are less so. To help us we use cookies, little text files that we place through the web browser on your computer. The data we collect is not personal to you and is used in aggregated form for us to analyse how the App performs.


We have member rules and you are expected to abide by them. If you break the rules we give you one warning and then you are out. To enforce our rules we have the right to inspect all the images, messages, and personal data stored on the Fantom App. If we suspect a crime has been committed we have the right to provide information to the proper authorities. Fantom has the right to contact and hand out information posted on the App to Police or similar authorities if we suspect that a crime has been committed. Please note that it does not require a legal offense to have your account terminated. We encourage reporting, and all areas of the App that have interactive features also have links for reporting inappropriate behaviour. You are not allowed to transfer your Fantom account to anyone else. If you allow another person to log into your account you are responsible for everything they do. Fantom will not be held responsible for any purchasing, trading, messaging that takes place if your account has been used by a third party. Please guard your log-in details carefully.


You are responsible for all your own messages and trades.


You own the rights to the material which you have created yourself on the Fantom's App, but in this agreement you give Fantom the right, without special compensation, to publish the material for an unlimited time throughout the world and irrespective of the medium used, that is, whether on the Internet, on TV or through mobile distribution, etc. This means that you give Fantom the right to use, copy, present, reproduce, display, edit, integrate, license as well as distribute that material which you have created. These rights of Fantom apply to both commercial and non-commercial use.


You may not use Fantom's name, logo, decks, sets, cards, rewards, or icons for any use other than the collecting of digital collectibles on the Fantom App. You are not allowed to copy, distribute, sell or publish any Fantom material without Fantom’s prior approval.


Fantom has the right to cancel your membership and close your account if you violate this agreement or the regulations on Fantom's App or if you have not used your account for four months or more. We can also close your account if you fail to pay for the goods and services that you buy or if you shop without the permission of the person who is paying according to item 16 below. When your membership is cancelled, whatever time remains on your subscription is forfeited and the Fantom Coins in your wallet disappear. Fantom Coins are not transferable between accounts except as part of a valid trade within our Terms and Conditions. Fantom has the right to save the personal data of a suspended member even after the account has been closed.


This agreement is regulated and interpreted according to the laws in Ireland.


Fantom decides solely on the content of the Fantom App and reserves its right to develop, delete, amend and otherwise make changes to the App without any prior notice to you or other members. Potential errors on Fantom's App are taken care of as soon as possible, but Fantom does not guarantee that Fantom's App will always be available, or available in full working condition. Material published on Fantom's App can refer to products, programs or services no longer available in certain countries. You use the Fantom App at your own risk. Fantom does not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the App. All submissions by you or other members are solely the expressions of the sender and Fantom can not be held responsible or liable for the content in such submissions. All content on the Fantom App, including without limitation third party content, submissions and any information or material contained on the App, are provided to you on an “as is” basis with no warranties of any kind. Fantom, neither by itself or its licensors, agencies or other representatives, makes no express, implied or statutory representations, warranties or guarantees in connection with the Fantom App, including without limitation the Fantom content and third party content. Fantom does not provide any warranties against viruses, spyware or malware that may be installed on your computer.


Fantom's App may contain links or references to other App. When you use these links, you are leaving our App. Fantom has no control over information published on other third party App and assumes no responsibility for information and other content on such other third party App. You assume the risk yourself when using other App linked to this App. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of other App you visit.



Fantom is a trading game, and just like the real trading game there are no do-overs. That means once you have agreed to a trade there is no going back, no matter how much you might regret it. We give you two chances to say no to a trade, so if you click twice to say you agree to a trade, and then regret it, it is your loss and we can accept no responsibility for it.



Fantom has the right to determine the prices and other terms of sale on the App itself and to change them. We accept payment by credit cards, cell phones, telephones, gift cards, pre-paid cards and PayPal. For EU residents VAT is included in accordance with currently applicable tax legislation. This will be displayed along with the price. When you pay by cell phone and telephone, VAT or sales tax are included according to local regulations. The virtual products you buy become available to you as soon as possible. Fantom Coins and Digital Collectible products may not be exchanged unless Fantom decides to allow for exchanges in particular cases. Fantom is entitled to make such decisions itself on a case-by-case basis. All virtual products and Fantom Coins are part of the service provided to you on Fantom’s App and you only receive a right to use them according to the terms on the App from time to time. The virtual products and the Fantom Coins do not have any monetary value and may not be exchanged for money. The availability of virtual products and the type and range of items available for purchase may be changed by Fantom without notice. Any virtual products purchased within a subscription membership may be modified or become unavailable for use once your membership expires. Fantom Coins do not expire unless you cancel your account. Gift cards are valid for 6 months after purchase.


We want you to feel secure and safe when you shop on Fantom. You can give us your credit card information when you shop with us. We use state-of-the-art security systems available on the market and your data are protected on our servers throughout the order process with the help of encryption and firewall technology. On most web browsers a small lock is displayed on the menu bar (task bar) at the very bottom of the screen when you visit a secure site. Look to see if this icon is present when you visit a App where you are invited to give out personal information. We also use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption in order to protect your personal data from use by unauthorized persons.


You must have gained permission from the recipient of the invoice, the cardholder or the primary account holder of the phone used before you purchase a Fantom subscription or top-up your wallet with FantomCoins. If you make purchases without such approval, Fantom is entitled to cancel your membership account.


This App is owned and operated by Lightkeeper Media (trading as Fantom)

13 Eustace Street

Temple Bar

Dublin 2

E-mail: info@fantom.ie

Telephone: +353 1 645 3002

Unfortunately we are not able to handle support calls by telephone, please contact us on support@fantom.co.uk for support queries.


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